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Source Materials for Conference Recommendations

            One anticipated outcome of The Changing Face of Legal Practice Conference is the development of an action agenda in the area of “unbundled” legal services. To facilitate the creation of such an agenda, the MLAN project has undertaken a survey of recommendations on areas related to discrete task representation that have been put forth by other conferences, court commissions and others at the national and state levels.            

            The following source materials were reviewed in preparing the draft conference recommendations. The revised recommendations will be presented during the closing plenary. 

National Sources of Findings and Recommendations

  • 14 Recommendations from the American Judicature Society's "Meeting the Challenge of Pro Se Litigation, A Report and Guide Book for Judges and Court Managers" (1998)

  • 7 General Recommendations from the "Conference on Delivery of Legal Services to Low Income People" convened by the Fordham Law School, 76 Fordham L. Rev. (1999)

  • 8 Recommendations from the ABA Tech2000 Task Force, "Lawyer's Serving Society through Technology", (March, 2000)

  • 9 Recommendations based upon the ABA Comprehensive Legal Needs Study

Bar Associations  

  • 3 Recommendations from the State Bar of Michigan's "Access to Justice for All Task Force" (April, 2000)

  • 4 Recommendations from the "Kansas Justice Initiative Commission" Journal of the Kansas Bar Association (August 4, 1999)

  • 9 Recommendations from the Boston Bar Association "Task Force on Unrepresented Litigants", "Report on Pro Se litigation", (August, 1998)

  • 14 Recommendations from the "Commission on the Delivery of Legal Services Final Report and Recommendations", State Bar of Wisconsin (June, 1996)

  • 2 Recommendations from the State Bar of California's "Access to Justice Working Group (June 1995)

Court-Affiliated Recommendations  

  • 9 Recommendations from the "Trial Court-Probate and Family Court," Commonwealth of Massachusetts, (December 1999)

  • 13 Recommendations from the "Report of the Minnesota Conference of Chief Judges Committee on the Treatment of Litigants and Pro Se Litigation" (April, 1996)

  • 12 Recommendations from the "Oregon Family Law Legal Services Commission Report to the Oregon Legislative Assembly" (January, 1999)

  • 9 Recommendations from the Pro Se Litigation Committee, Judicial Council of Georgia, Report and Recommendations (December 10, 1998)