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This site contains living documents and ideas gathered from practitioners at the forefront of a newly recognized area of legal expertise, sometimes called "unbundled" legal services or discrete task representation.  The term refers to a broad range of discrete tasks that an attorney might undertake such as: advice, negotiation, document review, document preparation, and limited representation.  

Updates were last made in: January 2004.

This website originated with the convening of a national conference on "The Changing Face of Legal Practice: A National Conference on 'Unbundled' Legal Services". This site contains the documents, ideas, contacts and recommendations from the conference and serves as a forum for our ongoing conversation at issue.

Beneficiaries of the new legal approaches are persons of low and moderate income, who gain greater ability and opportunities to solve their problems.  Private practitioners may gain opportunities to tap into a market of consumers who do not now seek legal assistance, and providers may gain potential partnerships and expansion of services without the sacrifice of quality.

Over 255 lawyers, judges, "dot.com" legal entrepreneurs, mediators and law school clinicians (from 34 states, DC, Canada, and Russia) gathered for the national conference on "Unbundled Legal Services" in October 2000. The excitement derived from explorations of new formulations of existing legal practice and of entirely new ways to open the system to the public.  At the conference we examined a new wave of experimentation in the legal field, much of it driven by changes in information technology and consumer demands and preferences for problem solving. The challenge derived from the re-thinking required by the entire legal system and the potential for positive change.

The process of developing the Conference Recommendations sought to draw from previous conferences, commissions and other reports on the issue of discrete task representation. Summaries of the completed national, state, and local recommendation source material are posted here as well.

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