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Agreement for Limited Legal Advice

This is an agreement between us, the Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service, and you. It contains the basic terms of our agreement to provide you with limited legal advice and assistance so that you can better represent yourself in your domestic law case.

Scope of Legal Advice: You have asked us to provide legal advice. We will assist you by providing you with information regarding the divorce process. We will provide you with forms to enable you to file for divorce on your own. We have not agreed to represent you by, for example, filing the forms for you, going to a hearing or trial with you, preparing your case for trial or providing any legal help other than the assistance provided in this interview.

Duration of Legal Help: Our agreement to advise you begins immediately and will end at the completion of our interview today. We do not promise to help you after that.

Cooperation: To advise you effectively, we need your cooperation. You agree to answer any questions we ask you.

Attorney's Fees: We will not charge you an attorney's fee for our advice in completing the forms.

Costs: There are costs that are part of a lawsuit. We will not pay any costs in your case. Rather, you will be responsible for all costs.

Declining to Advise: We may decline to give you advice after interviewing you if:
1. We have a conflict of interest - for example we have already advised your spouse or have provided representation to a spouse or partner or family member in the past.
2. Your legal problems are beyond the scope of this project.
3. For any other reason set forth in the Maryland Rules of Professional Conduct.

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